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Effective date: December 1st, 2020

The following Privacy Policy applies in all cases you access to the website and you decide to browse in it.

This policy supplies all useful information to understand how data is collected and processed by PARKFORFUN.COM S.R.L. (hereafter known as “PARKFORFUN”).


This information is conveyed only for the PARKFORFUN website and not for any potential third-party websites consulted by the user through a link.



This website is property of PARKFORFUN.COM S.R.L., with headquarter in Via Bottenigo, 217 – 30175 – Venezia (
PARKFORFUN for the management of PERMITS of Low Emissions Zones (“LEZ”, or in Italian referred to as “ZTL”) has been nominated as external responsible for data processing pursuant to art. 28 of European Regulation 679/2016, for which this the current information is not expressed pursuant to art. 12 of European Regulation 679/2016 (obligation placed on the public institution as title owner of the treatment; to visualize the related information) and has the only aim to supply the related users with further clarification.
For the other services of reservation rendered in favor of private parties, PARKFORFUN operates as external responsible of the treatment for the purposes strictly connected to the supply of the service, and as stand-alone holder for the treatment of purposes connected to marketing.
In the cases in which PARKFORFUN is treatment holder, it decides in an autonomous way on the purposes and modality of the treatment, as well as on the procedures of safety and security to adopt to guarantee the privacy, the integrity, and the availability of data.


PARKFORFUN has appointed a Data Protection Officer for Personal Data (RPD) who can be contacted at the following e-mail address:



PARKFORFUN will treat the acquired data as autonomous Holder of the treatment to send newsletters, even with commercial content (marketing), throughout different channels, whether electronic and telematic (e-mail, sms), or traditional (ordinary mail, telephone). We remind users that, as provided in art. 130, clause 4, D. Lgs 196/2003, the Holder can use the data to send advertisers e-mails on its own products and services, similar to the ones that have been bought, unless the user explicitly refuses this usage (“soft spam”).

We specify that the data acquired for the management of release of PERMITS of LEZ will not be used for marketing purposes.

As external responsible of the treatment, PARKFORFUN treats the data on behalf of the treatment holders for:

  1. management of reservation services offered on the website;
  2. management of the service to release LEZ permits;
  3. management of the information and/or assistance requests from the user;
  4. fulfill by law obligations connected to contractual relations put in place by PARKFORFUN.

As External Data Processor, ParkForFun will treat particular data former art. 9 EU Regulation 2016/679, collected specifically for the management of the booking services in favor of people with special needs.
This data processing will take place in full compliance with the privacy policy and the instructions received from the Data Controller. To know the purposes and methods of processing by the Data Controller (L’Integrazione- Cooperativa sociale Onlus), please see the information available (



Personal data is treated with prevailing electronic and telematic methods.
The operations of treatment are carried out in a way to guarantee the logic, physic and privacy safety and security of YOUR personal data.
The data acquired as Treatment Holder will be kept for the time strictly necessary to accomplish the aims for which they have been collected. Once this period has expired, the data will be deleted permanently or otherwise anonymized in an irreversible way.
Specifically, the data of the registered user to the newsletter service and the acquired data for marketing purposes will be kept until the practice of the opposition law and anyhow for 2 years since the last interaction of the person concerned. 
The conservation of the collected data as external responsible of the treatment will take place following the terms and modality indicated from both the respective holders in the instructions referred to in the act of appointment pursuant to art. 28 REG. EU 679/2016.


The provision of data for the subscription to the newsletter and marketing purposes is optional.
The juridical base and/or liceity condition of the data for the subscription to the newsletter and/or for marketing purposes is the consensus displayed by the person concerned. For the same purpose subsists also the legitimate interest of PARKFORFUN if the person concerned is already its user (Considered 47 European Regulation 679/2016).



Data can be communicated to: 
1. All the subjects with the capacity to access the aforementioned data are recognized by regulatory measures.
2. To our collaborators, employees, as part of their duties, authorized to process the data provided.
3. To third parties:

  • banks to manage collections;
  • financial administrations and other companies or public bodies in compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • any companies involved that use our services for their employees/collaborators;
  • bodies and/or companies that organize events for which PARKFORFUN manages the services provided through the website;
  • any intermediaries used in relation to any aspect of the service requested; 
  • any affiliate program operators that offer our services.

4. To third parties adequately selected and endowed with experience, capacity and reliability, which offer sufficient guarantees of full respect with current provisions on processing, including data security profile. The aforementioned parties have been nominated “responsible of the treatment” and conduct their activity following the instructions given by PARKFORFUN.
To today included there are the companies for the supply of the development services, emanation and operational management of the platform technologies used.



Data is acquired during the access to this website.

As Treatment Holder of the data conferred for the subscription to the newsletter and/or for the marketing purposes – collected within the scope of the management of the reservation services rendered in favor to private subjects – personal data (name, surname) and contact data (e-mail, telephone number, address, etc.) will be collected.

We specify, nonetheless, that the information systems and the software procedures appointed to the functioning of this website will collect, during the normal service, some personal data – NAVIGATION DATA – the transmission of which is implied in the usage of communication protocols of Internet.

This information is not collected to be associated to identifiable concerned people, but also for their same nature could, through elaboration and association with data held by third parties, allow to identify the users.

In this category of data, we include the IP addresses, or the domain name of computers used by users which connects to the website, and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer environment.

For further details on the treatment of those aforementioned data you can refer to the Cookie Policy.



PARKFORFUN has adopted the adequate security and safety measures with the aim of lowering to the minimum the risks of destruction or loss – even accidental – of data, of unauthorized access or unpermitted treatment or that which is non-compliant to the purposes of collection indicated.


RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTIES referred to in art. 7, 15, 16, 17 18, 20, 21 and 22 of EU REG. 2016/679

The interested party has, in addition to the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, the rights listed below, which may be invoked by sending a request to the Data Controller.

Art. 7 – Nullification of agreement to the treatment

To the interested party is recognized also the authority to revoke the agreement to the treatment of His/Her personal data.

At the end of this operation His/Her personal data will be removed from the archives in the shortest time possible.

Art. 15 – Access Right

The interested party has the right to obtain from the treatment holder the confirmation that it is or is not an ongoing treatment of personal data which concerns him/her and in this case, to obtain the access to personal data and information regarding the treatment.

Art. 16 – Right of Amendment

The interested party has the right to obtain from the treatment holder the amendment of inaccurate personal data which regards him/her without any undue delay.

Taking into account the purposes of the treatment, the interested party has the right to obtain the data integration of incomplete personal data, even giving an integrative declaration.

Art. 17 – Deletion Right (right to oblivion)

The interested party has the right to obtain from the treatment holder the deletion of personal data which concern him/her without any undue delay and the treatment holder has the obligation to cancel without any undue delay the personal data.

Art. 18 – Right to restriction of the treatment

The interested party has the right to obtain from the treatment holder the limitation of the treatment when he / she incurs in one of the following hypotheses:

a)  the interested party contests the correctness of personal data, for the necessary period to the owner of the treatment to verify the exactness of such personal data;

b)  the treatment is unlawful, and the interested party opposes to the cancellation of personal data and asks the limited usage;

c)  although the holder of the treatment does not have the need for the aim of the treatment, personal data is necessary to the interested party for the verification, the practice or the defense of a right in a court seat;

d)  the interested party has opposed to the treatment following the art. 21, paragraph 1, awaiting the verification regarding the possible prevalence for legitimate reasons of the treatment holder regarding those of the interested party.

Art. 20 – Right to portability of data

The interested party has the right to receive in a structured format, of common use and accessible from automatic device the personal data which concerns him/her provided to a treatment holder and has the right to send this data to another treatment holder without any obstacle from the treatment holder to which he/she provided them.

When exercising his/her rights with regard to data portability in accordance with paragraph 1, the data subject shall have the right to obtain the direct transmission of personal data from one controller to another, if technically feasible.

Art. 21 – Right to opposition

The interested party has the right to oppose in any moment, for reasons connected to his/her particular situation, to the treatment of personal data which concerns him/her in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, e) or f), including profiling on the basis of those provisions.

Art. 22 – Right to not undergo to automated decisional process, including the profiling

The interested party has the right to not undergo a decision based uniquely on the automated treatment, including the profiling, which produces legal consequences which concerns, or which affects him/her in a similar way on their person.


If you wish to receive more information on the treatment of your own personal data, that is carry out

the rights of the previous point, the interested party can contact the Data Protection Officer for Personal Data by writing to:

Before supplying, or modifying any information, it could be necessary to verify the identity of the interested subject by replying to some questions. A reply will be given as soon as possible, in the time limit of 30 days from the request.



Via Bottenigo, 217

30175 – Venezia

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